And I already want to kill both myself and everyone involved in the making of this film.


hippiebeard asked: Hello! I was going to take a trip to Hollywood tomorrow for a show and I would be so happy if you could woo me get to the Lost Highway home!

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All I can tell you is that you need to take a right off of Outpost Drive to get to it.

I finally got to the Kubrick exhibit at LACMA before it closed. That was $20 well spent.



Nico, The Trip, Los Angeles, 1966 (Lisa Law)

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This honestly makes me physically ill. I know Lisa Carver, and have spent time with her son Wolf. He’s a sweet kid. Whatever issues Boyd has with Lisa, fine, OK… that’s none of my business. No one really knows what goes on the inside of a relationship except for the two people involved. But to say things like this about your OWN CHILD? On a public forum, no less? Unfuckingreal. This isn’t even the worst of what he wrote- I couldn’t stomach posting the rest of it. Fuck the boring, troll-ish Nazi crap, fuck the twenty year old rape essay… if people want something to be outraged about, it should be this. Disgusting.


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE, PERFECT DRESS? I’m stalking my mail box in anticipation of its arrival.


Giovanni Boldini, Mme Gabrielle Rejane, 1886.


I was out for my evening hill stroll when I ran across David Lynch’s house, which is also the Madison house from Lost Highway. And being the creepy stalker that I am, I took a photo.


I like where this is going.

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A San Francisco house knocked off its foundation by the 1906 earthquake. Courtesy of the USC Libraries - California Historical Society Collection.



The Night Escorted by the Geniuses of Love and Study
Pedro Américo

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